Your skin is your largest organ and is your first barrier of protection and works wonderfully to protect us. Help look after and nourish it with our all natural plant based skin moisturisers created with love and purity in mind. Naturel Dream body butters are made of nothing but oils and butters, they contain no water. This range of body butters are the perfect, real & authentic natural moisturisers for you, your friends and your family.

Our Natural Body butters are made with nature’s oils and Organic Shea butter. No preservatives, no parabens, no colours, no petroleum and unnecessary additives. Naturel Dream create plant based skin care nutrition, which is formulated to naturally moisturise and feed your skin. Our products are created with love, simplicity and purity in mind just for you.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that all products are formulated with creativity, cosmetically safety assessed, certified and registered according to UK/EU legislation.