At Naturel Dream it is my mission to be able to make a difference with:

our products

our thinking

our vision

our deeds

As apart of this mission Naturel Dream sponsor a lovely little 7  year old girl named Ruth from Uganda. Ruth likes dolls and wishes to see tall buildings and cars one day! This help and sponsorship is supported through an organisation named Compassion which helps release children from poverty in Jesus name. It works with local churches as an outreach in the community to help children receive nutritional support, educational support and the chance to go to school, medical check ups, church community help and vocational training. It also enables an on going one to one relationship with your one and only sponsor. This makes an incredible difference in the life of the child, their family and their wider community. Helping to faciliate a person’s dreams and well being is making a difference beyond all our imagining’s. We never know how one good thing that we do, one good deed or one good comment can help someone at the time. Sometimes some one just needs to know that you believe in them and you’re truly willing & hoping to help change their lives for the better.

One of Naturel Dream’s missions and aims is to support and give opportunities to mothers, parents and care givers with barriers to work with a long term view to create a social impact and creative community business that promotes empowerment of women, parents and carers with barriers to employment and personal income due to caring for their family or others.

As a mother myself – I know from personal experience that these real barriers to work exist and Naturel Dream will strive to create a better balance for a work life balance and opportunities and independent income for mothers, parents and carers. Developing a work life culture that is supportive of family and caring for others. I believe we should support and reward those who care for others. I believe all people should have equal opportunities. After all at more time or another as human beings, we all rely on and depend upon the love, care and compassion of others. The measure of society’s greatness and humanity: is measured by how it treats it people, young & old, vulnerable and everyone in between.

Be apart of our journey here at Naturel Dream to make a difference. This is just the beginning. . . . who knows where the story will take us.

Thank you kindly for supporting Naturel Dream to grow. Your support is helping to make a positive difference.

Love Carmen x