Naturel Dream products are created with love and purity in mind. They are luxurious and naturally inspired. We believe the Truest Beauty comes from within. Our skin is our largest organ and some of what we put onto it can possibly be absorbed through the blood stream. At Naturel Dream – our natural  Shea Body butters are natural skin moisturisers designed with a purpose for you and your family with 100% ALL natural ingredients ( only Argan Orange Blossom is over 99% natural ingredients.) Our products are created with wholesome ingredients packed with vitamins.

Shea Butter is a sustainable and nature resource and it contains vitamins A, E, K and F. Naturel Dream use Shea Butter that is Organic, cold pressed, raw and unrefined (unprocessed) from Africa. Accounts from as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt (1st century BCE) speak of caravans bearing clay jars of valuable shea butter for cosmetic use. Shea butter’s skin care and healing properties were first harnessed thousands of years ago. The history of shea as a precious commodity can be traced back to Ancient Egypt where shea butter was and continues to be used to protect the hair and skin in the fierce sun and the hot dry winds of African deserts and savannah. Shea butter has been used for centuries in Africa for herbal salves, lotions for hair and skin care, and cooking oil. However, it’s protective and emollient properties are most valued for skin care. It is believed to help to protect skin against climate and UV aggressions, reduce appearance of wrinkles, soothe irritated and chapped skin, and moisturise the epidermis.

Our handmade soap is made with No SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl & Laureth Sulfate) and No Parabens. They are high in Vitamin E, D & Provitamin A. A range of Essential oils are widely used to fragrance and enhance the benefits and experience in our soap. They are made with Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters with a high glycerine content, which aid great moisturisation.

The soap and body butter range all are vegan and vegetarian friendly and cruelty free.

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